You are faced today with three major efficiency issues within the Data Center: the need to efficiently cool the IT load, manage the use of power, and optimize use of available space. The end goal is to increase your Data Center’s footprint, reduce operational costs.

The challenge is that these efficiencies tend to work against each other. For example, as you increase your IT load with high-density active equipment, you also increase the system’s power and cooling requirements – thus your energy costs. Because these three issues are directly interrelated, complications can arise from each system being manufactured, installed and supported by different vendors. You need a systems approach.

ESL can help you maximize these cooling-power density opportunities because ESL has expertise in all three areas – delivering the solutions you need to build a highly efficient, optimally performing Data Center.
We, at ESL, help you to identify the technology products and services that you need for accomplishing your business tasks. These products and services that you use everyday to accomplish you business use your it infrastructure. We understand that your business has its own technology requirements with each piece fitting together in a puzzle to take shape into a useful system.

We can offer a wide variety of technology solutions and services for your business to perform in the most cost efficient and effective manner, while maintaining the ergonomics and beauty of your IT Infrastructure.

Service Portfolios:

• Structured cabling systems

• All kind of racks and PDU

• Raised floor systems

• All kinds of maintenance in Data Center

• Server and switching equipment installation and dismantling services.

Data Center Infrastructure Products:

• Structured Cabling

• Network & Server Rack

• Environment Monitoring Systems