Installation, Commissioning & Integration

ESL performs installation and integration of various network elements -MSC, BSS, BTS, transmission, and power systemsESL’s engineers and technicians follow the OEM’s global standards to ensure that the wireless networks are reliable, available, and serviceable, We ensure that the system hardware and software are installed, tested as per manufacturer specifications, and are functioning as per customer requirements.

Ready for Installation Surveys
ESL offers site survey services for pre-installation checks of telecommunication equipment to ascertain site readiness in all aspects before dispatch of equipment to the site. The installation material requirements are also assessed as part of such surveys, Surveys are usually performed using the customer checklists. ESL with its vast experience can also prepare exhaustive checklists, if desired by customer.

Installation, Commissioning and Dismantling
ESL offers complete services installatio, commissioning and dismantling of telecommunication infrastructure as per customer site layout, power up equipment, load equipment specific software, and perform stand-alone test for proper equipment functionality. The installations and workmanship are in complete compliance with the quality standards of the customer. We specialize in the Following infrastructure:

Base Transceiver Station(BTS)
MSC/BSC (Core Product)
Transmission (Microwave and Optical)

Integration and Customer Acceptance
ESL offers integration services of bringing up the sites by integrating individual sites with the back-end core equipments and Network Management Systems. The engineers are thoroughly trained for performing Acceptance tests in line with customer requirements. The ovservations and readings observed during acceptance tests are well captured as per Acceptance Testing formats.

Site Documentation
ESL’s back offic team creates site documents with inputs from the field learns. The documentation are prepared in specific formats or templates required by the customers, and generally capture site layout drawing, inventory, equipment configuration, stan-alone testing findings and acceptance testing documents, as a single site folder.

In-Building Solutions
For good quality broadcasting of mobile services, it is necessary for the network signals to be present at all location where the customer will be using the services. However, as radio signals do no penetrate too well through buildings, most of the target audience is left out of the mobile network coverage.
To solve this problem, it becomes necessary to bring the mobile networks into the buildins. These solutions may be RF or OFC based.

ESL carries out the following services for in-Building solutions:
RF Surveys
RF Network Design
RF IBS Installation Services
Network Testing
Network Documentation

Professional Services
ESL offers various kinds of professional services for telecommunication projects, The company has well groomed and experienced project managers to … to stringent customer requirements within the specified time and quality standards with minimal cost impact.

Network Operations and Maintenance

We Help operators to concentrate more on the core telecom services by laking up their Network Operations and Maintenance. With the increase in network complexity, it becomes difficult for the operator to concentrate on the management and technology of their network. ESL clearly understands the customer’s service scope and professionally manages the transferred network assets and human resources resulting in reduced operating cost for the customer.